24 February 2009

Where else to find out about espiritoart

If this blog wasn't enough (and we realise until there's more here - it might not be!), we regularly update espiritoart.com with other articles specific to artists and canvas art lovers.

Today the site has been updated with a list of the top 5 best selling canvas art prints, which was an interesting project and one that threw up a few surprises. We've also got information on our fine artist Stephen Warnes, with a special article on the landscape prints available through us. And there's also a feature on our exhibition of canvas art at the Artworks Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Incidentally, rather than the promised 'hair tips', Andy will shortly be chronicling the saga of Milan in full, in all its gory details. It may have pushed the launch of the business back a few months, but ultimately we came up with better canvas art designs. So we can all laugh at the idiots who wandered around Milan at 3am with laptops (yes... that's us).

23 February 2009

Tips for artists to increase their exposure online

We've been busy with Squidoo, a fast, free way to build web pages on any topic - compiling some tips for artists who want to use the internet to increase their popularity by attracting online visitors.

Two articles have been put together to benefit producers of canvas art or any type of visual artist. Firstly, a general tips article discussing the benefit to an artist of showing their work correctly, social networking, using online forums and art profiling sites - Tips for Artists to Increase Online Exposure.

The second article goes into more specific detail on one the most useful and popular art profiling sites, deviantArt. This teaches artists several tricks and strategies that can be put into practice to increase visitors to your artwork - Tips for Artists on Using deviantArt to Increase Online Exposure.

These articles go some way to describe the just some of the approaches taken to promote the canvas art on espiritoart.com.

An intro to espiritoart canvas art

Andy Ward and Matt Warnes started espiritoart.com in the middle of 2007 and have been creating canvas art since that time. Now, with over 100 art prints in an original range available on the website, the business is progressing steadily. Matt's dad Stephen Warnes, a fine artist, is also on board - with some of his most popular giclée canvas prints also on sale and proving to be very popular with art lovers.

It has been an interesting journey so far, with both artists having to learn techniques and create their own individual canvas art style. Not prepared to compromise, this means that for every canvas art print that made the cut, at least 10 were discarded. And it hasn't all been plain sailing, when the first draft of the website was created in late 2007, a celebratory trip to Italy turned to disaster when two laptops were stolen which contained the entire canvas art range. Nowadays, backups are the order of the day! The full story of that ridiculous trip will be revealed one day - it had it all, police stations, chases through Milan streets and a stay in the oasis that was Florence's British Consulate. Anyway, that's for another day.

The latest printing technologies are used to ensure the highest product quality and many satisfied box canvas customers will testify that nothing is left to chance when it comes to quality standards. Our canvas prints are shrink wrapped prior to shipping, making them ideal for artists to include in their exhibitions for resale, as well as adding that touch of quality if you are giving canvas art as a gift.
I hate to sign off on a disappointing note, but those reading this expecting 'Andy's expert hair tips' will just have to wait.

22 February 2009

Welcome to the espiritoart blog

Espiritoart.com is a new website offering canvas art and fine art giclée prints on canvas, together with a range of art commission services. We may be novices at blogging but we don't intend just to plug our own products all the time! There will be advice for artists using the internet as a platform to promote their work, links to exciting artists, art news and maybe even some commentary on the world though espiritoart eyes.

So, before we go off to read up on making an effective blog, thank you for checking us out and hello!