7 July 2009

Twitter Support is Not Very Good (Putting it Lightly...)

I like Twitter, I really do. I have a little bug at the moment, which while not major - is causing me a small problem. Unfortunately, Twitter's support service is not very supportive. I started off being very nice, but in my last message to them I started to let my irritation show a little. Here it is: -

Case numbers 417819, 415342 and 416867. They are not resolved. I tell you the problem, you close the issue down with no action. There seems to be a pattern here. So... what happens is, here is a new request, which you will doubtless close down without any action.

I cannot permanently save changes to my profile because my link text is not in hex format. I cannot access the design area to change this.

I have to keep repeating this and my requests just get closed. I'm just going to keep sending them so wouldn't it be more sensible to actually fix the problem (or at least tell me it can't be done?). Your own text says multiple requests slow things down, but I currently have no alternative. The information says I can reopen an old request, but that doesn't work - unless some sprightly support operative is employed solely to monitor your inbox and immediately close a support ticket as soon as the button is pressed?

Please could you urgently ignore my fourth request to do something about this. I shall be hanging on tenterhooks just waiting for the next time you can 'resolve' my issue by just pretending I never asked.

I'm aware Twitter is a free service and I'm very grateful for that. I wouldn't mind if I got a response saying 'can't be done at this time', or, 'we're aware and we're working on it, but it may take a while'. To be quite honest, just a reply saying 'stop bothering us you sarcastic turd' would be a step forward.

My profile currently says I'm horrified at being 31. All I want to do is change that as I've no turned 32. I fully expect to still be waiting when I'm 33.

I doubt whether this will have any effect, but I can only hope....


  1. Just be thankful you're not 34!!!

  2. I will be thankful when I'm 34 Claire - as I'll be only 7 years away from having this sorted by then!

  3. I thought it was only me they did that to LOL
    Yahoo.com are as bad - they have stopped me sending emails and won't reply to any of the error reports I send them.
    Small irritations but v. v. annoying.

    I started a #SundaySadList for people to list these kind of annoyances that make life just that little bit more annoying than it needs to be.

  4. I need to add now that my issue has been resolved. I also got a very nice and helpful reply back and my irritation has completely ended.