11 August 2009

Charity Shop Challenge

I have hijacked the blog today to enlist people's help in winning my Charity Shop Challenge. I spend considerable time working with out web developers in Brampton, Cumbria - and have joined their competition to turn a profit (for charity) from the shelves of the town's inexplicably large number of charity shops. The idea is that you start with a pound, search through the assorted goods in the shops and sell them on eBay for a profit. This gets reinvested in more items until a ceiling is reached - at this point the winner is declared.
I feel I made a good start with my purchase in that it only cost 40p. And here it is....

Yes, of course... It's that must have item for any household. A 1973 Royal Wedding Mug commemorating the marriage Princess Anne and Mark Phillips. Clearly this challenge is going to be well.... a challenge.

If you, like any right-minded person, long to be the owner of this exceptionally finely crafted Staffordshire ceramic delight* - please feel free to join the hordes of excited bidders on eBay - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280383995696

I may have a difficult task in turning a profit, but I may still win this round when I view the competition. An unmarked earthenware chalice that is either the holy grail or a mass produced, mushroom coloured monstrosity. That famous classic CD - 'More Dirty Dancing', and an ordnance survey map of the area east of Balmoral castle from about 1986.

*In truth, it's not so much of a ceramic delight... it's tat. But for less than a pound what can you do!

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